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This I Believe...
Janusz Wrobel

I believe in the strength of goodness. The power of deeds that are motivated by the striving for goodness ultimately melt down the most impressive and allegedly the most solidly established empires based on lies, contempt and injustice. Acts of goodness are supported by their natural allies that consist of four sisters: truth, beauty, dignity and justice. Each of us carries embryos of all five of these values within. Through our choices we can either cultivate them or push them aside into the abyss of non-existence of which embers we have as well. 

I believe that goodness radiates and warms distressed people up; it also has the power of inspiration. As one should avoid those who are bitter, cynical, and envious because theirs negativity sneaks into others’ hearts, one should seek those whose actions are rooted in compassion, and respect for others and hope.
I believe in power of love. I believe that in order to observe the commandment of love one should start with himself. How can one love his neighbor if he is not able to love himself? In order to carry love, to share it, one must have it first. The precondition of giving something is producing it in the first place. It cannot be done without forgiving ourselves. If the baggage we hold is too heavy, it will prevent us from moving on. If I can reconcile with an imperfect self, than I will have enough strength to love others. 

I believe that genetic predisposition is a risk, but not a destiny. I believe in the freedom to shape our fate. We have the power to refuse to be a toy of fate. One’s responsibility for one’s choices, the heroism of admitting mistakes, and the wisdom of learning from one’s mistakes creates the basic ingredients of apt use of freedom given to us by God. Our weaknesses are not our destiny – the boldness of overcoming them is.

I believe that every person regardless origin, race, education, career or financial situation is an equally important ingredient of the universe, like a drop of water in communicating tubes; each of our actions creates an indelible mark on the network of events. Being a part of others’ lives we influence theirs fate. We can imagine a woman who is considering committing suicide. Being unsure about it, she is looking for a sign that would allow her to make a final decision, and she meets our kind smile and us. Friendliness of a stranger changes her mood. She decides to live. Unintentionally we have saved someone’s life. Ten years later the woman who failed suicide discovers a cure for cancer. 

I believe that the world heads in the correct direction. The awareness of evils, miseries and regular crises should not diminish the obvious truth that factors of tolerance, non-indifference for others’ sufferings, including those of entire nations, concern for nature, and the fight with exploitation, humiliation and violating human rights are constantly on the rise. On the other hand, human meanness, of which existence we cannot deny, stings our eyes so much because it becomes less widespread.